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I am Mommy to two incredible little boys.  Sammy was born in 2012 and Wyatt followed closely after in 2013.  Their births were two of the most incredible and holy experiences of my life.  

I have been a Stay-at-Home Mommy, a working mother, a single mama, and a step mother.  No matter the circumstances, being a mother is hands down the most challenging, and most rewarding, role of my lifetime. 

Moms are often forgotten in the excitement of a new baby, but they need care and nurturing too.  I am passionate about supporting Mothers and parents at every stage of their experience - from preconception,p regnancy, birth, postpartum, and beyond.  



As a former high school English teacher, I am passionate about learning and about sharing knowledge.  Like most moms, I spent a lot of time researching during my first pregnancy.  Unlike a number of moms, however, my fascination with birth did not end after delivery.    

After spending countless hours chatting the ears off of any friend or relative who would listen, I realized that my teaching background and my intense passion for birth gave me a niche in the world of childbirth education.  I have been a childbirth instructor since 2012, studying and teaching under The Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, and now Birth Boot Camp. 


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There is nothing more sacred to me than the experience of birth.  To be asked to join a mother and her family as they bring new life is the ultimate compliment.  As a doula, I bring reverence and respect along with strong knowledge of normal birth and a tool bag of comfort measures.  

When mom has a partner or dear friend who can be by her side, it is my role to assist that partner and guide him or her in supporting mom.  In other families mom prefers my one on one support.

After years of dabbling in other certifying curriculums, I became certified as a doula with Birth Boot Camp in 2018.  I would be honored to support you in your birth.

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Birth Doula Services


As a certified Birth Boot Camp Doula, I will remain by your side bringing knowledge, support, and comfort as you experience labor and delivery.  

Birth is a sacred and physiologically normal process.  Inviting labor support in the form of a doula allows you to truly experience your optimal birth.  



Birth Boot Camp Classes Childbirth Education Pregnancy Class

Prepare during pregnancy for a healthy, positive birth experience with classes, in-person at my Cazenovia office,  or online.  Sign up for our 10 week comprehensive course covering exercise, nutrition, and self-care in pregnancy, hospital birth, home birth, and breastfeeding and newborn care.  

Too far along for a 10 week course?  Just don't have the time? Choose from a listing of single course offerings tailored to your needs. 

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Postpartum Support


Breastfeeding, altered sleep schedules, a recovering body - the weeks and months immediately following birth can require a lot!  Allow me to help ease the transition with breastfeeding support, daytime or overnight help with baby, or assistance with light household duties.  

I offer a variety of packages and hourly rates, and discounts for my students and doula clients.  You don't have to do this alone!

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